Monday, 20 November 2006

Do movies influence you to travel to certain places?

Has a movie or would a movie influence you to travel to a particular place ? Has or would it influence what you do or where you go whilst at the destination ? (eg. visiting filming locations, taking movie tours etc)


AlanDonovan said...

I visited Thailand in 2003 and made a point of going to Koh Phi Phi mainly because of The Beach. Also visited the UK back in 1998 and visited Stirling and other places in Scotland associated with William Wallace as Braveheart is one of my favorite movies.

esmie said...

OK, I like to visit places that have impressed me on film - but I like to visit the places I actually see, not the ones they are masquerading as - ie Braveheart - 'set' in Scotland, filmed mostly in Ireland. Obviously there are different motivations but for me the obvious wins - what you see is what I want, although I am speaking personally and do appreciate the historical association.

sewerbabe said...

I agree totally. For me, the actual films that inspire me to visit locations are almost beside the point as far as travel is concerned - the main interest is how good or interesting the place looks. I'm not really interested in seeing where this or that happened, unless it appeals in its own right. Absolutely hate the movie/TV tours that are so big in America - like the Sex and the City Tours around New York - but have visited Martha's Vineyard/Nantucket because of Jaws, Prague because of various films - Mission Impossible/Immortal Beloved, Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland because of Highlander, amongst other locations. Have to admit to also being inspired by TV programmes, especially in relation to the UK, and I am also more likely to visit appealing locations that are closer to home - Lord of the Rings made NZ look amazing but my budget doesn't stretch that far.

joanna_papariozu said...

I went to Croatia when I watched an advert on TV

joanna_papariozu said...

I forgot as well as the advert I have also been recently to Scotland and visited Eilean Donan castle where Highlander was filmed. It was such a beautiful area, the scenery was fantastic and really reminded me of the film

layla said...

went to Tunisia this summer and went on the Star Wars tour to Matmata specifically because im a huge fan of the films. would also love to go back to New York and do the sex and the city tour!!

AmyinJapan said...

Heres a question- do you have to love the movie to want to visit the destination, or is it the scenery that gets you in? I think I am more likely to go somewhere linked to a film I love, probably because you can imagine being in the movie and reliving all your favourite scenes.

Paula said...

Yes,definitely movies would influence me to travel to the places in which they where filmed in.

I have visited Marigot Bay in St Lucia where a part of Dr Dolittle was filmed. The bay is gorgeous! Also I would love to go to Las Vegas were Oceans Twelve was filmed. After watching 'Die Another Day' (James Bond movie)i went to Hong Kong on holiday and to see Victoria Harbour, the city is amazing!! My parents went to Thailand to visit Bangkok and Phang Nga Bay after watching the James Bond film called 'The man with the Golden Gun'. They also visited Koh Phi Phi after falling in love with the island due to watching 'The Beach'.

I also think if a person went on holiday to a particular area in which a film had been set in and someone made them aware of it when they arrived. They would definitely want to go and see where particular scenes was set, just to tell folks back home that they have been to see where such and such movie was filmed. Therefore i definitely think films help to increase tourism to a country.

AlanDonovan said...

The Star Wars tour in Tunisia that Layla mentioned sounds excellent. I'm a big fan of the original Star Wars movies and would love to take that tour. Its definately something I want to do on my next trip to Europe.

matt_traveller said...

For me its the scenery in a movie that usually grabs me and makes me want to go there. I agree with Amy on that totally. That was definately the case with my last European trip. Our tour group in Ireland visited Cong where the John Wayne movie The Quiet Man was shot. That's not one of my favorite movies but I had seen it and the landscape looked amazing so it was definately a reason I wanted to visit there whilst in Ireland.

lynottads said...

I agree with this statement:
I also think if a person went on holiday to a particular area in which a film had been set in and someone made them aware of it when they arrived. They would definitely want to go and see where particular scenes was set, just to tell folks back home that they have been to see where such and such movie was filmed.

However, I should point out that we do run tours which visit filming locations in ireland and the UK. The only films where we can see a definite connection between the film and tourism is Harry Potter. We have done lots of departures for that.

Clients always want to know when in a country if you can point out a film's location, but I don't think that is the main motivation for most travelers.

Ellen McNulty

Jubedoo said...

Hi Peter
Interesting. Yes, I love movies - the stories, the characters, the experience of the cinema. As far as it influences my travel - I think there are two levels to it:
On the one hand I tend to have quite a broad interest in the world - I like to go places, to see and experience the world. But on the other hand, books and movies definitely shape the places I want to go, in terms of awareness - it's not possible to want to go somewhere unless you have heard of it, and I feel especially drawn to places that have some sort of significance to me...

It will be interesting to see what further thoughts you can develop on this subject on your blog!

:) jubeedoo

starmind said...

Well... here goes my comment: (finally)
I believe movies have a very big impact on most people, even if they dont realize it right away... The big screen is all about the images, so i think that sometimes they get stuck in our heads and unconsciously (or consciously) make us want to visit the places we see.
For example, the first parts of "Far and Away" worked on me: because after i watched it for the fist time, Ireland became one my dream destinations as a child.

hope i helped

DreamspunHarmony said...

Hey Peter,

The only movies that have really inspired me to travel to date are LOTR. But then, at the same time, New Zealand has always been high on my list of places to see.
I find that books, more than movies, inspire me to travel.
A lot of the places that I end up visiting I later learn were featured in one movie or another, but 9 times out of 10 it's something I learn from someone looking at my photos who comments on the fact that whichever movie was filmed there.
However, my husband is a big movie fan so I have no doubt that soon enough I will be visiting destinations specifically for the movie associations!!!

Robert P said...

Not influenced to seek out a place/country just because of a film that I had seen but might influence (depending on the film) whether I bothered to go and see the actual place of filming if there. To be honest a book is more likely to influence me more than a film but I supposev more people see films than read books these days and some deserted beach/jungle can be portrayed very rapidly visually on film. Conversely having seen large amounts of LA both on film & TV has definately influenced me not to go there willingly

max212 said...

I went to scotland because I of Braveheart, I also visted New York because of Spiderman. I deffently think that movies have a effect on where we go on holiday's.

sharkey106 said...

Yes sometimes it does affect my choice of holiday. Manily because of two reasons:

1: The place of film is of amazing sites. e.g. the beach, the veiws

2: The culture that is shown in the film. For example if people are having an amazing time. As i am of younger age, certain films have this affect on me. i.e. kevin and perry go large & road trip

However i would not say most of my choices of holiday have been becuase of films. Maybe becuase i enjoy the people acting in the film more. However i do tend to remember sence in films when i am on holiday. But did not plan on going there becuase of that.

JenniferJen said...

I suppose that movies do influence the desire to head to certain places versus others; personally I have been most moved in my future travel plans by the series 'The Long Way Round' (which I suppose is not actually a movie but was a series of segments) and by The Motorcycle Diaries. However, perhaps just as interesting to me (or disappointing, depending on my mood) is finding out that the movie was actually filmed in a different country than is projected in the film, e.g. I read that much of Seven Years in Tibet was actually filmed in Argentina, The King and I about Thailand was filmed in Malaysia, etc. Perhaps because of this fact, the possibility for disillusionment and disappointment seems to be greater if you travel somewhere specifically based on something you have seen in a movie as opposed to still pictures or documentaries, so I still prefer to base my travel decisions on the written word and leave its physical beauty to my imagination and surprise!!

Desert Rose said...

I love movies and yes they often make me want to travel. I am heading to the Fiji Islands later this year as it is close to New Zealand and have always wanted to go there after watching the Blue Lagoon movie. And The Beach has made me want to go to Ko Samui very badly too.

Kristy Bullions said...

I think movies play a big role in choosing travel destinations....and not always consciously...sometimes subconsciously, you know when you go away and have that "I feel like I've been here before" feeling. Most of the time if you think back, its usually from a movie you've seen in the past.

Athina said...

I really enjoyed Amelie, from the actors to the soundtrack, and it's camera work inspired me to look into study abroad in France. Also, "Lost In Translation" is one of my favorite movies, and once I recover economically from the traveling I'm doing this semester and summer, a Asia/Southeast Asia trip will be planned...Surely, I've been bit by a travel bug indeed!

Tripper9 said...

Hi Peter,
You have great responses to your questions - I have been researching for almost 7 years, Google 'Ischia Film Festival' for one of the most exciting annual events for film tourism. Also check out Sue Beeton in Australia, in an email yesterday she told of a film tourism conference in March in London. I am recruiting her for a panel at a film tourism expo we are presenting here in texas in November. Stay in touch for roll out of our Location Road Rally series.

Robbie said...

Robbie says.....
I am of the opinion that the whole area of films and their resultant impact on tourism destination choice is much more complex and more labyrinthine than first seems to be the case.The interesting analytical point is what follows from what and is the process one-directionalor is it more circuitous?
To elaborate the point, I want to share a recent experience with you.
Whilst holidaying on Lake Geneva in 2005 (not a destination choice influenced by any film at least not consciously so), I took a stroll along the lakeside. Suddenly, I found myself standing at a uniquely-shaped iron balustrade and had an immediate feeling of deja vu. I then recollected an advertising poster for the film 'Indochine'. I had a distinct mental image of the French actress Catherine Deneuve standing next to an identical railing in the closing scene from the above film. I do not know if this was indeed the exact spot where the ending was filmed but I could find no evidence of a similar ornamental parapet in the immediate location. This experience prompted me to investigate the film further. I learned, subsequently, that the film's other principal actor, Vincent Perez, had associations with the area: he was born in Lausanne and attended drama school in Geneva. I purchased the DVD and re-watched an enthralling film that rekindled much interest and much enjoymant. As a result, I have arranged a repeat visit to Lake Geneva this Spring and I am hoping to visit the actual location where the peace accord that ended France's colonial dreams in Indochina was signed (clearly a return visit resulting from re-watching the film).
Finally this repeat viewing of Wargnier's captivating, hypnotic and visually stunning film has resurrected a desire in me to visit Vietnam. I'm sure that one day, once workload and time constraints are less onerous, this visit will be realised.
Thank you.

LinzelCakes said...

I think I'd have to say no. I like to do it in the reverse order - visit a place, and then watch a movie that was filmed there and be able to show friends and family that weren't with me what it was like. Although, I have to say that I would LOVE to go to Florence or anywhere in Tuscany after seeing Under the Tuscan Sun!

dananders said...

I agree movies do play a role in my travel destinations. Lord of the Rings was definately why I visted New Zealand last year. Rcently I booked a trip to the Bahamas which I have wanted to visit for a long time but I believe it was Casino Royale that prompted me to go ahead and do it as the islands looked so fantastic in the movie! I am sure when I think back over the years many of the places I have travelled to have been influenced by movies I've seen.

samanthaj said...

Yes movies do influence me to visit places. Some friends and I visited Salzburg in 2001 because of our love for The Sound of Music. It was fascinating to visit sights like the Mirabell Palace and gardens and actually stand on the ‘Do Re Mi’ steps from the movie! We also took a trip to Mondsee which is east of Salzburg to visit the cathedral there which was used for Maria’s wedding to Captain Von Trapp. Salzburg was a wonderful place it its own right but it meant so much more to all of us because of the association with the movie. In fact I am not sure if we would have gone there if we hadn’t been such huge fans of the film.

Laura said...

I must admit I would not go out of my way to go to a country just because I had seen it in a film. But if I was in the country id make an effort to visit the location, within reason. I do remember going to LA once and was totally totally shocked by its actual physical identity. I felt that the whole place was a stage set! Fortunately I was on my way to NZ (before LOTR was filmed) .. but there again NZ is amazing anyway! Living in London its quite odd as the area around Borough Market (London Bridge) has been used in loads of films . So thats quite cool if a friend stays ... you can always go "guess where you are now" ! LOL yes thats right its Harry Potters hotel!

Laura said...

A quick comment on Paula's post.

Obviously the film company pick the 'scenery' to make you go WOW !

I dont know if people really visit the places just to tell friends that they have been there. I think/hope it is more that they where honestly impressed by the imagery that was suggested to them. You know the moonlit bridge and the two lovers or the huge snow capped mountains ! Surely it is more than just ticking the place off ? Well i hope so :-)

Paula let me know what you think please ?

WinterMike said...

Hey, great blog!

I'm currently planning a vacation trip to England this summer. My wife and I have been before but we are taking our kids for the first time and a big influence on our choice have been the Harry Potter movies. Our 12 year old is so excited about visiting the home of Harry Potter! So yes I have to say movies in this case have definately influenced us to visit England.

KarinMooney said...

I agree movies can be a reason why people choose to visit particular places. A case in point is a wonderful vacation I enjoyed in Paris in 2004. The movie Amelie prompted me to finally go (even though I had always wanted to see Paris). I guess I stayed in Montmartre because of the movie. Walking up to the Sacre Coeur for the first time was amazing and made me think back to Amelie and the view over Paris was wonderful.

I'm sure movies influence all of us in ways we don't even realise sometimes. When I got back home I got my friends around to watch Amelie again and it was great to be able to say I was there! You see that cute little cafe... I actually drank coffee right there!

Francesco said...

I don't consider myself to be a movie buff or expert, but I do occasionally enjoy to watch movies. I love the photography and images in large epic movies in natural settings.

I have travelled to Scotland twice now, having watched the wonderful scenery and mountainous in the movie Braveheart. It was a wonderous time and I have taken many beautiful photographs.

I do not know of whether I would still have went if I had never seen the movie. I guess not. I had never thought of it before seeing the movie, but I guess seeing it made me consider it as a place for my vacation. My family and I loved taking many pictures.

So I guess that movie made me visit Scotland since I would not have thought of it otherwise.


dunc said...

Francesco, was the Mel Gibson movie Braveheart actually filmed in Scotland? I think I heard it was filmed in Ireland maybe.

Not sure though.

dunc said...

just did a quick google, it was filmed in ireland also - esmie (nov 26) also pointed this out earlier somewhere on this thread I think.

I wonder does this happen a lot?

Rameses said...

I visited the lake district in the UK with family when I was very young.

I have many great memories there.

Recently I saw the movie miss potter, and it brought back these great memories and the magnificent scenery that i remember. It made me think about going back, and i have been looking here

so I'm not sure if it was the nostalgia or the movie that makes me want to visit the lake district again, but i am certain that i would not have remembered about it had i not watched the movie.

Michael said...

dunc asked "I wonder does this happen a lot?"

I would like to point out that Braveheart was almost entirely filmed in Ireland, but as I come from Wexford (Ireland) I am aware that Steven Spielberg filmed Saving Private Ryan here. Many people probable think it was filmed in Normandy. More info here

JenniferJen said...

To pick up on Dunc's point (March 28) this does seem to happen a lot!

Not visited this blog for a while but nice to some others mentioning something I raised in my previous post in January - that I find it interesting (and sometimes disappointing) that movies can turn out to be filmed in a different country from that projected on screen. Seven Years in Tibet (filmed in Argentina) was one of the first I read about. I wasn't aware of the examples mentioned by Dunc and Michael.

Personally, as I stated in my earlier post, I belive this could lead to disillusionment and disappointment because you may not find what you saw on screen when you visit the place.

Does anyone else have views?

Andrea said...

My opinion.... well I believe that it goes without saying that media tends to play a part in our every day lives. Snapshots of destinations in movies can influence you to make a decision based on what you have seen, curiousity to discover of the surroundings in which the movie may be set. This applies not only to the adult world, but without any doubt that young vivid mind of a child.

carlyrich said...

yes movies do influence my travel... a recent trip to London was influenced in a lot by the Bridget Jones movies... we also took a James Bond tour in London itself organised by London Taxi Tours - which we only heard about when we were in the city itself

Rich said...

I have just booked a trip to Montenegro and was prompted to do so after seeing Casino Royale . . . it just looked magnificent in the film and left a real lasting impression on me. Two years ago I visited Australia and was based mainly in Sydney and thinking back I was probably strongly influenced by Mission Impossible 2 which made Sydney look amazing on screen. So yes films definately have an effect on me and my travel decisions.

travellingwhisper said...

Tunisia and Star Wars ! Whilst on holiday there with friends we took the excursion into the desert to see where scenes from the movie had been filmed. The most famous was the desert town of Matmata. We even visited the Sidi Driss Hotel where the circular inner courtyard below ground level was used as Luke Skywalkers homestead in the original movie. Many of the Mos Eisley scenes were also filmed in the area. It was an amazing experience and would have to say one of the reasons why we chose Tunisia to visit

zeni said...

Ever since I saw Ryan`s Daughter I have been determined to visit the location where it was shot and will one day do so (I know, it has taken a long time). Can`t think of other examples offhand but I am sure there are some.

Katieshaw said...

Yes, the romance created on the silver screen is as strong an influence to the subconcience as forms of propoganda or advertising.

vtelf said...

I have, on DVD, several films with themes based on The Troubles, which have put Northern Ireland on my travel itinerary.

As for influential films, well I have several: The Boxer, which I took to be more realistic than some. Omagh, again a more accurate representation of the "real" Northern Ireland. The Devil's Own, while more Hollywood hype than the others, was perhaps the first one I saw that piqued my interest.

Although American myself, one of my great-grandmothers was believed to have come from Co. Down, so I have a connection there as well, but these movies have fostered my interest in Ireland further, especially Northern Ireland.

yoshikuni said...

I found this blog through another forum for tourists. This is a very interesting topic for me. I have visited New Zealand because of the Lord of the Rings films and will be visiting the UK this summer. My UK visit is also influenced by films. Examples that I feel are important - The Da Vinci Code - I plan to visit London and also in Scotland - Rosslyn Chapel. While in Scotland I also plan to visit various sites such as Stirling because of William Wallace who I first became aware of through the film Braveheart.

The Lake District is also on my itinerary because of Beatrix Potter. This was part of my visit anyway but with the film Miss Potter this has increased my desire even more. I would also like to visit Northern Ireland because I have read it has links with Narnia author CS Lewis and my family love the recent Narnia film very much.

tallboy said...

Yes I think they do I went to Egypt last year and although I have always had an interest in the pyramids and such like it was after watching the mummy films that I decided I really had to go.

jimmy bond said...

Prague. Definetley Prague. After seeing that city in so many movies, I just had to go. So ancient, medieval, enchanting, yet so modern, full of spy intrigue

kerry said...

Yes they do! A recent trip to Japan was very much influenced by recent films, most notably:

The Last Samurai
Lost in Translation &
Memoirs of a Geisha

drowsy said...

I remember watching Blue Hawaii in the movies.I said to my teenage-love-of-my-life at the time that I was going to live there someday.I first went on holiday and became possessed with the idea of living there.I later lived in Honolulu for a few years and I am glad I did it.Aloha.hang loose.

sjshakes said...

What I see in the movies wouldn't have a direct influence on me, I'd not travwel anywhere cause of them but if am in that country anyway I might well check out some places.

One thing about visiting somewhere well known esp somewhere a bit of the beaten track its always a talking point and often one of the main memories of your trip, esp as time goes by and its talked about at parties etc.

Kirsty S said...

Originally from the English Midlands i moved to Scotland around 4 years ago. I made it a quest to visit Doune Castle as i wanted to see where Monty Python's Holy Grail was partly shot. Definitely persuaded to visit by the movie. Also visited Stirling and Lanark due to Braveheart.

olivia said...

Well have been to a few places because have longed to go after first seeing in films and there are loads more ive seen in films i long to visit .... must say too that i have also been put off places by seeing them in films not that i should alow them to influance me to that degree .... i came to live in uk as born here and lived most my life in New Zealand i wanted also to travil to Irland have to say the movie the crying game put me off and is also a shame i think when movies like lord of the rings is made in newzealand when it could have been made here as so many beautiful places that it could have been filmed and i know alot of people that have visited nz because they saw that film .... seems funny but only 10 years ago i use to say i was from Newzealand and hardly anyone knew where it was and loads here in uk hadnt heard of it ... think alot know now because of films ..

steve w said...

Yes movies do influence me to travel. I am sure for most people that is the case. I think much of what we learn about other places can often come from movies these days.

Examples in my case have been to visit New Zealand after LOTR (not very original maybe but it had a big impact on me), Italy after The Talented Mr Ripley, Prague after Mission Impossible and The Bourne Identity.

Madam said...

You know most people see places in a movie or read about them in a good book, I think thats where inspiration can come from when you decide on a holiday destination. Mystic River", with Tim Robbins(brilliant actor) is one of my favourite films made in Boston(where I`m going for a holiday this year). Did it influence my choice of destination? Sort of, we once visited a few years ago for Saint Patrick`s day, we had such a great time and wanted to see it in summertime(march was bloody freezing), so we hope it lives up to its great reputation!

marcushog said...

I think movies influence us in many ways and travel is definately one of them. Not very original - but I visited New Zealand after seeing the first two Lord of the Rings movies. Have also been to the UK several times and as a long time gangster film fan I took time out to visit places I'd seen in movies like The Long Good Friday, The Krays and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

MarkC said...

For me it does. Movies do influence where I go. I have been to Devil's Tower in the Black Hills National Forest 3 times because of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Ever since I saw the movie back in the 70's I wanted to go there. I've also been to Monument Valley in Arizona where many different westerns were made.

crazynicki said...

We took a tour through Globus called Breaking the Code. We had the most wonderful experience taking in places in Paris, London and Scotland. We were both huge fans of the Da Vinci Code novel but it was the movie which prompted us to book this trip and visit the places.

geoffdowl said...

I'd always wanted to visit Africa and Kenya in particular after seeing Out of Africa in the late 1980's. I fulfilled that ambition 2 years ago and had a wonderful trip. I watched the film on dvd again before my visit and being there actually brought scenes from the movie back to me during my trip.

Ryan said...

Well the very first movie I saw actually had a huge influence on me in terms of travel.
When I was about 10 years old I saw Indiania Jones and the Temple of Doom. First time ever going to the cinema and I thought it was amazing. I wanted to be Indy!
It has really influenced me in that I have become interested in archeaology and have travelled to see many ancient sites in Egypt, Central America, Malta, Greece and all over Ireland and the UK.

On the other hand movies Im sure can also have a negative impact on tourist destinations, I mean who is ever going to go to Sierra Leone after watching blood diamonds?

Heather Jackson said...

It is not always the location that makes us wish to visit somewhere from a movie or film. Films such as Angels`s ashes and The Commitments for me embraced the people and culture of Ireland, and would therefore encourage me to travel there.

wendyjane said...

I think images from film and television contribute to many peoples decisions in nearly every area of their lives in this day and age. In a world full of screen gazers (myself included) we can't help but be influenced by the images before us - including places we visit. If we are inspired by the set / location of a film we naturally want to experience it first hand. We need to get out and visit these places instead of just wantching them on the screen! I guess for those who don't have the means / funds / freedom to travel, the escapism of film can go some way to being a substitute.

shepa said...

Although I haven't done as much travelling as I would have liked to, I do not think movies ultimately would influence me to travel there. As much as certain destinations appeal to me visually through the movies, Idyllically for me it's the history and culture combined. Remember, looks can be deceiving...either way!

FionaD said...

Movies certainly influence their audiences to travel to destinations they depict, either as a direct result of scenery and imagery and character/story association or indirectly to locations connected with the movie, its story or original author.

The majority of places I have visited as a result of the movies (either to places depicted or the actual film-set locations) are mainly because they happen to be in or around the area I have picked for a holiday as opposed to choosing a holiday destination solely due to a movie's influence.

Having said that, I have visited a couple of places as a direct influence of screen persuasion. As a fan of Lawrence of Arabia, my trip to Jordan, particularly the wondrous Wadi Rum, was almost solely based on the film and, of course, the man himself. Some of LoA was filmed in Jordan though the Aqaba scenes were shot in Spain. This didn't detract from my visit to Aqaba as I related to the actual historical representation the film portrays rather than importance of the film location itself.

A trip to Tunisia was influenced by the opportunity to visit the film locations of Star Wars including Tozeur (where English Patient was also filmed), the salt lake flats of Chott el Jerid and Matmata staying for a night at the Sidi Driss Hotel - basic but awesome!

Also, the film, Sideways, was the prime reason for a recent holiday to California detouring to the Santa Ynez region for a few days. It's a beautiful area and resulted in a memorable highlight of the whole trip with lunch at The Los Olivos Cafe.

tropicaldancer said...

My husband and I recently went to see the film 'In Bruges'. While we didn't particularly enjoy everything about the film we both agreed afterwards that it did make us want to visit Bruges itself.

So yes I think movies can definately make you want to visit a place. In the case of Bruges it was somewhere we had never really considered until we saw this film.

MKirk said...

I visited Jordan some years ago prompted mainly by the influence of several movies I have to say. Chiefly it was Lawrence of Arabia which I had read was partly filmed there. This led me to visiting Wadi Rumm and the spectacular red desert cliffs where Peter O'Toole donned his flowing white outfit in the film. My trip also included visiting the ancient site of Petra which looked so impressive in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I knew about both places through reading about them but it was the films that made them come alive for me and were the true inspiration to visit.

AmericanRebel said...

The Quiet Man is one of my favorite films and on a european vacation we made a point of visiting Ireland, partly for that reason. The Mayo countryside and the village of Cong are places we might never have seen if not for the movie. Something my wife and I would both consider a great loss.

On the same european trip we also visited the D-Day beaches in Normandy France. I had watched Saving Private Ryan a short time before our vacation trip and it inspired me to see those beaches even more as a result of the movie. We also visited the concentration camps at Auschwitz which were so hauntingly portrayed in Schindlers List. Movies very much influence me to visit what I have seen.

Joe7up said...

In some cases it does sorta influence me, cus I like traveling all over the place. I live in florida which is a dream in its own, but I have traveled to places because Ive seen the on movies or TV.

Queensahhara said...

i havent travelled much. but i moved to the Uk from Africa and my immigration was greatly influenced by what i see in movies and read in magazines.
Im hoping to make a tour of New York and La, another huge example of what i watch in movies and soap operas.
Beautiful sunny beaches of LA and the hard night out/tall buildings of New York.
Simply facinating, but i hate flying, only God knows how im going to make to all these places. lol!

shagpile3 said...

a movie has never influenced where i travel but i have gone to certain places that films have been set if i happen to be near ...for example The Topkapi Museum in Istanbul ......and the empire state building in NY but never visited them because of the films they were in

fleming said...

Went to Vienna recently inspired by several films but chiefly The Third Man which is one of my favourites. Took in key sights I had wanted to see such as the Belvedere Palace, The Hofburg, the Schonbrunn Palace and the Prater amusement park with the giant Wheel. The scenes of the Viennese giant wheel and the sewers have become legendary from the film. Imagine my surprise when I found there was a walking tour that covered many of the locations used including a tour of the sewers! That together with a visit to The Third Man Museum with its collection of old movie posters and memorabilia made my trip to Vienna much more memorable for me.

The Postman said...

Yes, after seeing 'For Your Eyes Only' I badly wanted to go to Greece. In fact I did go 4 years later and enjoyed it a lot.
Also I wanted to visit the place where they filmed 'The Man with the Golden Gun' but I havent made it yet (oh I see you have that place listed).

I did visit Monument Valley because its so famous and awe inspiring. Movie locations are a real draw certainly tho personally I dislike cities (having lived in London for 8 years you find that you cant be bothered lol).
ps nice blog btw I absolutely would love to visit locations that I am interested in.

Linda84 said...

Well im from Dublin, Ireland and recently flew to Seattle, WA to visit my brother. While we were there we decided to take a drive down to Oregon, to a little town called Astoria - beautiful place, but also home of The Goonies and Kindergarden Cop! How cool. We walked right by the school used in Kindergarden Cop and Mikey's house in The Goonies. Funny stuff.

x-centric said...

I watched The Last King Of Scotland in the movies when it came out and it had such a powerfull effect on me,i ended up six months later teaching English to kids in a tiny village Uganda.I had to do courses and study very hard to quicky get there and nearly every cent i earned on the building sites i worked on went towards it.

Swotbabe said...

Most definitely! There are many places that I would love to visit, for example New Zealand, that I have seen in a movie, however financial constraints have not allowed me to do so as yet!

Jackie said...

I love movies and yes, they would influence me to travel to places but they would not be my major reason for choosing the place I would like to visit/or holiday in. i think peoples circumstances would influence travel to certain places more then the movie but would love to take my children to disneyland cause they have seen it many times on tv/movies and they would just be amazed to be there. I also find that the travel programmes would influence me more to go see places, saw Vietnam on travel programmes twice last year and my god, looks absolutely amazing, that is one place i would definitely put on the top of my list and even though Vietnam in movies would not entice anyone to visit there, then what does that tell you about making your decision through a movie portrayal....

Jackie said...

I love movies and yes, they would influence me to travel to places but they would not be my major reason for choosing the place I would like to visit/or holiday in. i think peoples circumstances would influence travel to certain places more then the movie but would love to take my children to disneyland cause they have seen it many times on tv/movies and they would just be amazed to be there. I also find that the travel programmes would influence me more to go see places, saw Vietnam on travel programmes twice last year and my god, looks absolutely amazing, that is one place i would definitely put on the top of my list and even though Vietnam in movies would not entice anyone to visit there, then what does that tell you about making your decision through a movie portrayal....

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