Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Movie Tourism Issues

This Blog is a forum to discuss and share ideas, thoughts and opinions on movies and their influence on people's travel decisions, habits and behaviour. Please feel free to post your thoughts.


david said...

Hi there - I'm pretty new to this blogging malarky, but have a great interest in the influence that movies have on tourism demand patterns. David MEade.

PeterDiscussionLeader said...

Hi David, welcome to the blog on movie tourism. Are there any particular films that have influenced you to go to certain places ? or places you want to visit in future?

david said...

I have always said that if I ever go to Australia, I definately want to see the set of Neighbours. Of course, neighbours has not yet secured the backing of a production company to create their feature film "Nightmare on Ramsey Street", but since television is nonetheless part of the media I think it is worthy of note.

I can tell you one movie that made me want to travel. Quentin Tarantino's Hostel. Yes siree, travel? Did I ever. Straight to the bathroom to enjoy my dinner the second time over. Much fun though, much fun.

thereallindsay said...

Hi David - I don't think you are alone in your soap-travel curiousity. I should imagine that there is a lot of money to be made in a combined 'Neighbours and Home and Away' tour. Summer Bay is a beautiful place.

I have always wanted to go to Durham where the Pink Panther was filmed. Or so I was told. I remember being encouraged to say 'Durham' over and over again in an almost rythmical fashion (like a sort of jazz beat) until the desire to go there was overwhelming. I still haven't been there though.

PeterDiscussionLeader said...

Hi Lindsay ... Welcome! have you been to Summer Bay ? Durham and The Pink Panther - is that the original 60's Peter Sellers one ? or the recent remake ? Any other movies that have enticed you to visit a particular place ?

AmyinJapan said...

Movies definitley make me want to travel, and even though I have no real desire to go to America I will one day to experience the 'Home Alone' christmas in New York thing, with the snow and iceskating and FAO Schwarz. Also would do a Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg and dance through the mountains singing!!

Robert P said...

Of course there would probably not be any travel advertsing or travel shows on the TV if a lot of people were not swayed by images and perceptions that they encountered during these programs

Kristy Bullions said...

I think movies and shows on television can persuade me to travel and I'm sure lots of other people too.

Tripper9 said...

Thanks for starting this blog, we have been putting movie toursim into a business model, and it is great to see all the interest you have created. Last summer we made it to Monument Valley, Arizona, and the scenery is more spectacular than even when it is seen in the old John Wayne movies. But a place that is significant for film history buffs is Manor Texas, where in the 90's a couple of young actors by the name of Depp and DiCaprio co-starred in 'Gilbert Grape', the little grocery store is still unchanged.

amyinjapan said...

This definately got my housemate and I thinking!! Before we went to Kyoto we made sure to watch Memoirs of a Geisha again (even though its not actually filmed there!!) and even reenacted parts of the movie while we were at Fushimi Inari shrine!! See Marissas blog (TravelQueen- Kyoto with Mum and Dad)
I am also going to Europe next year and am looking forward to doing 'The Sound of Music' tour. The movie Eurotrip certainly showcases some of Europes' higlights!!
I have also always wanted to do the White Christmas in America like on Home Alone, with snow and ice skating and the big Christmas tree and FAO Schwarz. Great topic, Ill let you know if i think of more!!

Katieshaw said...

As a "seasoned traveller" it never fails to amaze me how easy it is to influence people in the visual medium. People are suckers for sand, sea and sun. Throw in a good story and some good actors and your on a winner !!

Heather Jackson said...

Hi there, my name is Heather. I agree that film and media play a large role in influencing my travel options and aspirations. Watching films such as Rob Roy, Braveheart and highlander were how my passion for Scotland and its beautiful scenary began. Also watching Lord of the Rings, has fuelled my dream to visit New Zealand one day.

I also feel that many of the excellent documentaries that have been made for example Planet Earth, open our minds and make us want to explore and learn more about the planet on which we live. I would also love to see Everest some day. Heather.

shepa said...

There is no doubt that movies have some sort of influence on whether you want to travel there. Whether this be a visual attraction, history or just maybe an emotional connection, It's happened to me.

For some seeing it on the large screen is the ultimate confirmation, but is that wise? I believe solely relying on the destinations we see in the movies, shouldn't ultimately determine us to book the tickets staright away. It's not something I would do.

Mans Shapshak said...

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