Monday, 2 April 2007

What factors about a movie make you want to visit the place?

Picking up on some of the themes coming out of bloggers comments to the central question of 'do movies influence you to travel to certain places?' - which of the following movie 'factors' make you want to visit the place: Scenery/Scenic Landscape, Narrative/Storyline, Characters, Actors/Actresses, Music/Film Score ?


carlyrich said...

I guess in my recent travel experience to London I would have to say that it was the movie characters most of all that influenced me (Bridget Jones, James Bond) because of course I associate that place with the characters.

Watching the Lord of the Rings did really make me want to visit New Zealand (not been yet though)... but in that case it was the scenery most of all that influenced me, not the characters at all... so perhaps it also depends on the movie ?

Desert Rose said...

For me its very much the scenery that grabs me. Fiji looked so fabulous in the Blue Lagoon that I just had to go there... and Ko Samui is still very much on my list after seeing The Beach. I also want to visit Prague and I think part of that is that I've been exposed to many scenes of the city in lots of recent movies. So whether its natural or man-made its the scenery that gets me.

Rich said...

I agree with desert rose that the movie scenery is a huge influence. Thats what influenced me for sure to chose Montenegro from Casino Royale though I suppose the Bond character and the film storyline also hooked me but no most of all it was the scenery I'd have to say.

Rachel_London said...

I love the films of Pedro Almodovar. The colours, characters and spirit for life makes me want to be in Spain.

That said, on the occasions I get to go to New York, I feel like I've walked into a movie. But I live and work in London, so maybe it's the same for visitors here.

Personally, I think there are factors other than the visual e.g. scenery that may make me want to visit a place. There could be an emotional aspect linked to a particular place that resonates with you - and it may not be all that beautiful, just significant.

zeni said...

What specifically made me want to see where Ryan's Daughters was shot... I believe it was a combination of things beginning with the director. I am a long-time fan of David Lean. Add to that the cast (all of whom did an incredible job), the scenery, the story, the characters - and the soundtrack which I played for months afterwards - and you have an irresisible package.

Francesco said...

I like the scenery most. I love the photography and images in large epic movies in natural settings.

When I visited Scotland it was the scenery most of all in Braveheart that made me want to go. Yes it was good story too but it is the scenery I go for.

I am disappointed now to learn from others here it was not filmed in Scotland.


Katieshaw said...

For me it is the romance that a good director can conjour by the skillful use of musical score, stunning locations and a good story. If these factors combine to pull my heart strings then my brain wants a piece of the action.

samanthaj said...

My 'Sound of Music' visit to Salzburg, Austria in 2001 was influenced by a number of factors I guess. For me it was most of all the emotional significance of the movie which came from the story and the characters. The scenery of the place and the setting of course had an impact as thats what we went to see but it was to be in 'that place' we'd all viewed so many times on screen and the emotional attachement that held for us.

yoshikuni said...

Lord of the Rings was a factor for me to visit New Zealand. I agree with carlyrich that it was the scenery that really got my attention and influenced me to go. The natural landscape looked so incredible. I feel the story is very important also. Without a good story and believeable characters the scenery alone might not have such a big impact.

Miss Potter and The Da Vinci Code are also influences for me to visit the UK this year. I feel it is different things here. Beatrix Potter the person and her stories most of all but yes the scenery also. With the Da Vinci Code it is more the connection with the story.

james cooke said...

I believe there are a variety of factors in movies that can influence your travel plans - not just any 1 in particular. When all factors (music, scenery, characters, escape) are combined with powerful effect, that always propels my wanderlust! The promise of glamour and adventure are often very compelling

esmie said...

Ok, I found this blog again though your posting on the Empire forum. There are a lot more responses now. What movie factors make we wish to visit a place?

For me it is what I see on screen -most often that is the scenery that inspires me to visit somewhere. I feel when the landscape is shown well in a film it can be truly inspiring. Obviously other factors can have an effect - especially a good story I think.

zeni said...

In Jamaica we get a lot of people who are interested in visiting the beach location used for "Dr. No" (the scene where Ursula Andress comes out of the sea). That draws far more people than more recent films that were shot here.

So in this case I feel it is the Ursula Andress and James Bond connection moreso than just the beach scenery. Perhaps there is also a nostalgic apsect. Many people remember than scene from the 60's.

kerry said...

The different films which influenced me to visit Japan brought different factors into play I feel. With The Last Samurai and to some degree Memoirs of a Geisha it was the natural scenery that took my breath away. With Lost in Translation in particular and also Memoirs it was the urban scene and modern culture that influenced me strongly. As a result I visited both urban and natural settings during my trip to experience the different scenery and culture the country had to offer.

steve w said...

Factors for me - mainly the story and to some extent the characters as part of that. A good story that hits home, something that really gets to me in some way and makes a lasting impact or impression. You then leave the cinema thinking about the film and maybe the seeds have then been planted to visit the place - to go there and experience or feel part of the story.

Kristy Bullions said...

This blog has really grown since I last visited !

Movies can play a big subconscious role I feel. It doesn't always have to be obvious thats what influenced you to travel somewhere. Having said that they can have the obvious effects too.

I think scenery has to be a major factor. When you see spectacular scenery in a movie, especially if it's somewhere new that you have never been then that certainly would have a huge impact on me.

Second to that I feel is the story. As some others have said here if there's an emotional story that grabs you then sure it probably would make you think about visiting that place on vacation. Maybe to recapture those feelings.

marcushog said...

I agree with others here that it can vary depending on the film. I travelled around gangster film sites in London because of the stories and the film characters and I wanted to say I'd been there. With Lord of the Rings it was the stunning scenery that proved almost irisistable to me.

MarkC said...

With Devil's Tower it was identfying with the character of Roy Neary in Close Encounters. How passionate he was to visit that site in the movie and I guess that rubbed off on me too. Watching the movie for the first time in my teens was a real experience. Going to Devil's Tower brought that back for me. So I guess it was the story and the characters for me.

geoffdowl said...

For me with Out of Africa the music was a strong influence. John Barry's hauntingly memorable score was such a draw for me to go there. I was definately influenced by the scenery in the film but the music made a special connection with me. So much so that I took the theme on my ipod to listen to whilst I was there!

Heather Jackson said...

For me again, I think its the story first of all. Something has to make me want to watch the film. Then it is definately the scenery, the music and if it makes me connect in some way.

I love certain music soundtracks and listen to them often. When I do it takes me to where I was and how I felt when I was watching the film.

shepa said...

I would say what appeals to me is the scenery, landscape & a bit of history. I personally would make sure that it was actually filmed there & not elswhere! For most, bung in a few good actors & thats the icing on the cake for them, alas not for me!

FionaD said...

I think it's a combination of many factors, depending on the film and the destination.

Pirates of the Caribbean has certainly made me add Dominica to my list of places to visit due to the stunning scenery seen in the movies and to visit places where specific scenes were filmed.

A recent trip to Vietnam was, in part, inspired by wanting to visit and understand some of the country's history relating to the Vietnam War (or the American War as the vietnamese refer to it). Films like Apocolypse Now, Platoon and Good Morning Vietnam made me want to see the beautiful lush scenery and beach locations depicted by the films as well as visit some of the museums and war locations (dark tourism) of the events themselves highlighted by the films. The fact that these three films were not actually filmed in Vietnam is, to me, in this aspect meaningless. Movies may be criticised at times for glorifying, belittling or glamourising war but, if nothing else, they do bring the horrors of war to the attention of the masses. Vietnam is a stunningly beautiful country which has suffered much. I believe Oliver Stone is making a movie on the atrocities at My Lai which I visited on my trip. Whether it is filmed on location or not, it may influence other tourists to visit this site who may not have done otherwise and thus help to raise awareness, provide income locally and ensure that these events are not forgotten. Films depicting historical atrocities, such as Schindler's List, are therefore less about visiting authentic film locations and more about relating to the historical events themselves by visiting the actual places.

But note also, my other comments on Bridge on the River Kwai on this blogsite.

tropicaldancer said...

With the film 'In Bruges' it was definately the scenery of the city that was depicted on film that made us want to visit. The storyline or the characters definately did not, in fact they might have put some people off, but seeing the city itself, the buildings and the canals etc really made us want to go there.

MKirk said...

Several factors I'd say. My visit to Jordan was influenced heavily by the scenery and landscape in films such as Lawrence of Arabia and Indiana Jones but the story and very much the music all played their part as well to create the image of the those places and fuelled my desire to visit.

AmericanRebel said...

When a movie captures my imagination and I feel I've been immersed in the story then I often want to visit the place. With me its emotional which I believe comes from the story. Scenery can also play its part but I feel the story and the emotional connection from it is the greatest factor.

shagpile3 said...

none what so ever .....a movie depicting london is nothing like the real place

fleming said...

There was a nostalgic element to my trip to Vienna. Visiting the city and taking the tour of the places I’d seen in the film, especially the sewers, was so evocative, almost like reliving the experience of watching the film, of even being in the film.

Swotbabe said...

I think it really depends on the movie itself. For me it is most usually the scenery. However, sometimes I am captured emotionally by a romantic or fairytale type storyline. I might actually believe that if I visit this idyllic setting, then I may experience some of the happiness that the characters have!

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